We’ve selected our travel contest winners!  In November of 2018 we launched a Travel Contest that invited a pair of content creators to submit their best video in hopes of being selected for a month-long trip to South East Asia.  The requirement of the contest was to explain in a two-minute video why the contestants are the perfect individuals to send on a journey to create a series of photos and videos to be posted on our social media sites. 

The month-long trip includes stops in Thailand, Philippines and Bali to provide the travelers with unique experiences and cultures that will undoubtedly tell an incredible story.  After receiving many amazing submissions and going through our interview process, Hey Dude Shoes is happy to announce Sahil Batra and Nick Payne as the winners! The two won us over with the creativity of their video, their stories of becoming filmmakers, and their insatiable appetite for adventure.


These two aspiring filmmakers left their comfortable corporate jobs in finance to chase their dreams of capturing beautiful locations around the world on film and video, while forming key partnerships with companies that shared the same values.  Our travel contest served as the perfect opportunity to give them wings as they take this leap of faith to pursue their passion for storytelling. Both Nick and Sahil truly live life to the fullest and relish the opportunity to immerse themselves in new experiences that may seem uncomfortable at first but will definitely make for great memories.


“Wearing the shoes and creating great content is one thing. Truly living out the mission and lifestyle of your brand is a whole other deal and that’s what we want to bring to the table.”  - Sahil


Over the month of April, both of these contest winners will capture their entire trip through a series of photos and videos that will be shared on a daily basis on our social media sites.  This journal of sorts will capture the thousands of steps taken in our comfortable shoes that are ideal for travel, truly bringing to life the promise “We Take You Anywhere”.  They’ll be seen traveling in a wide array of our products like our newly launched eco-friendly shoes known as the Wally Eco-Knit or using the Mistral which is one of our most breathable shoes that are perfect for water adventure.  


Name: Sahil Batra

Home: Currently I split my time between Chicago, IL and Nashville, TN.

Born: Chicago, IL

College: Vanderbilt University

Instagram Account@maximum_epic 

Favorite Traveled Location:  Seychelles, Africa for sure! True paradise out there.

Most Excited for On This Trip: I’m most excited about meeting locals, experiencing new cultures, eating incredible food, filming on the coastlines and going on adventures to lesser known spots.

What He’ll Miss the Most: I’ve spent the last 4 months filming in Mexico before this trip, so I’m definitely going to miss good times with local friends and my favorite taco spot. El Fogón, I'll be back...I promise.

Why Nick: Nick and I hit it off the first time we met up to film for another project so we decided this would be an epic collaboration to do as well



Name:  Nick Payne

Home: Chicago, IL

Born: Des Moines, IA

College: University of Iowa

Instagram Account@nickpayne360 

Favorite Traveled Location:  Amalfi Coast, Italy

Most Excited for On This Trip:  All the brand-new destinations and exploring new places.  I’m also looking forward to interacting with other people we meet along the way.

What He’ll Miss the Most: (Of course my girlfriend) But also of my favorite restaurants for sure!

Why Sahil:  Sahil is always down for an adventure.  He first heard about this contest and then asked me if I wanted to join him to make a submission video and I thought it was the perfect collab!

You can enjoy following Sahil and Nick’s journey to these amazing countries by following them on their personal IG accounts and on our Instagram at @heydudeshoes.  Every other day they’ll post a unique photo of their adventure on either their personal platforms or on ours.  At the end of this epic trip they will share with all of us a video that will summarize the unforgettable experiences and breathtaking locations they were able to visit.

Wish them safe travels and follow them on a trip of a lifetime!

See Sahil and Nick’s video submission here!  


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