My name is Shelby Horton. I am currently a full-time student at the University of Oklahoma, I work full time as a hairstylist, a youth activist worker and I train 5 horses on our family farm. I am a single mother to a beautiful boy who is in football, wrestling and cub scouts. We have a 3-legged rescue pup who goes everywhere with us and we recently rescued a little horse named Hope. To top it off I am also a competitive powerlifter. Woah, I am busy.


shelby with horse


People always wonder how I find time to do so much. At a young age, I got caught up in some very toxic relationships that led to heavy drug use and difficult nights searching for a place to sleep.  I was at the brink of losing anyone who still cared for me and possibly my life, so 8 years ago I decided being homeless and using drugs was no longer an option. Being stuck at rock bottom and covering myself in sorrow and pity was no longer working.  I said I want to change the world and I want to have a better life. Lifting weights and being a mom became a sanctuary and a place of healing for me.


I grew up farming and ranching, it was in my blood. Horses were always my passion though. So, while lifting was what healed me, I had to figure out what I could do to heal others. I started working in group homes for young boys who live in state custody and are traumatized. I thought what can I do to create change and how can I still do everything that I love?


horses in the back


I decided to attend college and I spent the next 6 years getting my associates degree because I just struggled.  I was sober, but my mind was not on the right path. I was stuck in routines and comfortable just getting by. Now I am working on my bachelor’s degree and creating my plan to get my masters. I want to help people who are on drugs, I want to help kids who are struggling and provide support for those lost in the system. I want to help horses who have been cast out because they don’t have the right bloodline or are left to die. How could I possibly do any of this while still focusing on myself?  Then I realized the best opportunity to accomplish all of these goals was to create my own sanctuary to share with others. I decided to start planning a horse rescue that will double as a treatment center. Now my goal is to use horses to help heal addicts and kids alike by interaction and group therapies.


Finding a way to make your dreams a reality was something I struggled with for so long and something I feel like others really struggle with. I want to leave behind the legacy that you can do what you want, you can make your dreams come true and you can conquer all your goals. I want others to know your life is not where you are now. You are not stuck. You can get out of the valley and climb the mountain. But to accomplish so much I had to make a lot of sacrifices.  Some days I show up to work at 6am, go to evening classes, and then I have to take my son to sports. So, when was I going to work out? Well, 4am of course. That is when you find time. You get little sleep. You literally have to go into a place inside your mind no one will understand. You must have an effort and willpower that is unmatched to the point where people think you are borderline crazy. I walk miles a day to go to class, I stand on my feet all day to cut hair or play with kids and then I continue barn work or training.  I spend 16-18 hours a day on my feet.


shelby with child


That is when I found Hey Dude shoes. I bought one pair before I went to do free haircuts for under privileged youth, and I stood in one spot for 9 hours.  When I got home my legs weren’t hurting and I knew I found a shoe I could love forever. I like to believe in WHO creates the brand and WHY they create it, not just something that is popular. I want something that gives back to others, but Hey Dudes gave back to me without knowing it. My body is my temple and it is what I use more than anything else, so I need to care for it. My outfits change at least 4 times a day. I have my gym look, school look, farm look and mom look. Hey Dude Shoes are universal to them all and keep me going. I just fell in love and kept buying their shoes and promoted them without them reaching out. One day they saw how much I loved them and reached out to me. I want to help people believe in themselves, I want people to find their purpose and follow their dreams. I needed to continue to follow mine and now I can comfortably, thanks to these shoes.


shelby life


Sometimes that forward momentum means using every minute of every day. I use Instagram @Fit_Hick_ to share motivational encouragement, while allowing people to follow my journey through fitness, horses and everyday life.

If you can be anything in this world, be kind. Follow your dreams and do not ever give up. Be thankful to get up everyday and be passionate. Make someone smile and be the change you wish to see in the world.

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  • kaylie long says...

    i didn’t think it was possible to walk on clouds till i got some hey dudes

    On October 29, 2019
  • Cindy W says...

    Awesome story! Thanks for sharing! Very inspiring….from a fellow mom and cowgirl from MO Also, love the shoes! I got my husband a pair because he has had several back surgeries and his feet always hurt. He is hard to please and had nothing but good things to say. I just got my first pair a few months ago and I’m in love! I will be buying more soon. All 3 kids want some too!

    On October 18, 2019
  • Kolby R says...

    Love my hey dudes too. You’re a rockstar keep on keepin on!

    On October 11, 2019
  • Gary says...

    Great story, does She get % of shoe sales? If yes send me information

    On October 10, 2019
  • Tyler Hwang says...

    I think anyone who reads her story and doesn’t buy these shoes is ya b

    On October 10, 2019

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