Banff National Park is home to turquoise blue glacial lakes and stunning mountain ranges. After saving a few too many posts on Instagram from this gorgeous place, Martin and I decided it was time to see it with our own eyes. Lucky for us, even though we were a bit late in our trip planning, we managed to secure a camping spot and with a short 3-hour flight, we were in the land of maple syrup and Lost LeBlanc.


banff-lakeBanff is home to stunning mountain ranges and blue-green glacial lakes.


Late Nights and Early Mornings 

We landed around 9 pm, so our first night was spent in a small town outside of Calgary where we picked up some camping supplies and got all our gear sorted out for the next few days. It was crazy to see the sun still shining at 9 pm, and even crazier to see we had to wake up at 3 am if we wanted to catch the sunrise at Lake Moraine.


banff-emerald-lakeMisty mornings at Emerald Lake


Despite our 3 am wake up, we didn’t quite make it early enough to get parking at the infamous Lake Moraine, so we headed to the lesser-known Emerald Lake instead. The morning was foggy and a few pine trees had just been chopped down, so the air smelled like Christmas morning. We began our hike around the beautiful lake, watching the water go from deep forest green to stunning emerald as the clouds shifted through the sky.

 banff-wendy-chambray-navy Hiking around Emerald Lake in Wendy Chambray Navy White


Covered in mud and with happy hearts, we were back on the road to go set up our campsite.  The drive down Icefields Parkway is incredible and Martin and I couldn’t stop “oohing” and “ahhing” over the stunning mountain ranges. We took a quick pit stop at a raging blue river for a snack and to ogle just a bit more over the incredible views before finally getting to our campsite.


banff-car-ride-wendyEnjoying the drive at Icefields Parkway in Wendy Chambray Navy White





Camping at Banff is pretty well organized and we loved our campsite! Each site is complete with your personal tent spot, fire pit, picnic table and parking spot for your car. For every 5 campsites, there is a bathroom and freshwater tap, as well as firewood for your pit. I can’t lie, I was definitely nervous about bears, but the only wild animals we saw at the camp were great horn sheep and a fox. It was so serene to be surrounded by nature and the crackling of the fire.

 camping-at-lakeExploring our campsite at Two Jack Lake and Campground


Glacial Lakes 

No trip to Banff would be complete without a stop at the two most infamous lakes in the area, Lake Louise and Lake Moraine. We spent time at each and honestly couldn’t decide which was our favorite. Moraine looks like a Gatorade factory runoff with some of the most electric blue water we have ever seen, while Louise is more turquoise.

 blue waters of lake morraine Exploring the vivid blue waters of Lake Moraine in Wendy Linen Sky


The weather in Canada can be quite unpredictable and we experienced a bit of rain while at Moraine, but we were lucky enough to see a gorgeous rainbow peak out over the mountains while at the lake. It was truly incredible. Afterwards, we did an easy hike around the lake and contemplated renting canoes. Ultimately, we decided to hold off on the canoes until better weather and headed to Banff town for some lunch.

 banff-sunriseSunrise at Lake Moraine in Wendy Linen Sky


With full bellies and the sun shining we decided to check out another famously blue lake, Peyto Lake. We thought Moraine was blue, but Peyto blue Moraine out of the water, no pun intended ;) Not sure if it’s the higher vantage point or more silt in the water, but Peyto is the bluest water we have ever seen in the world. It is also home to the friendliest chipmunks we have met too. One little guy definitely had been fed by humans and was going right up to people trying to beg for food. It was quite a sight to see, but hopefully, people will appreciate these little guys from afar in the future.


peyto lakeThe stunning blue waters of Peyto Lake.

 lake louise with wendy pinkStill waters and mountain reflections at Lake Louse wearing Wendy Linen Pink


On our last morning, we decided to try to capture the still waters and mountain reflections at Lake Louise. Thus far we hadn’t had the greatest luck with the weather, especially in the morning. And to experience the infamous reflection you have to have the perfect combo of low light rays of sunrise with no wind. Our hopes weren’t high that we would get good weather, but armed with comfortable shoes we decided to take the chance, especially since it was our last day.


wendy chambray navy


We lucked out and experienced some of the most incredible views we have ever seen. Nature always acts as a grounding presence for us, but this was something else. Between the mountains, the turquoise water, and the reflection doubling the image, there was no doubt in my mind that Canada is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. It was truly breathtaking. The weather gods continued to bless us, so we rented a canoe to explore the lake more. Whether at Louise, Moraine, or Emerald, renting a canoe is a must-do in the Canadian Rockies!


banff boat ride navy chambrayLetting Martin row for a bit while I enjoy the view in Wendy Chambray Navy White.


Canyon Exploring 

With one afternoon left to explore we decided to hike through Johnston Canyon. Johnston Canyon is located just outside Banff town and is a bang for your buck kind of hike. The path is well maintained, even wheelchair friendly, and within a couple of kilometers, you get to see two gorgeous waterfalls. The landscape here is stunning, during some parts of the hike you are on metal bridges between canyon walls, with blue water rushing below you. Definitely, a must-do when in Banff!

 johnston canyonStunning views at Johnston Canyon.


Be Anyone, Anywhere


We often feel like we have to travel far to experience paradise. This trip reminded us that paradise can be found where you least expect it. The combo of lightweight shoes, limited wifi, stunning views, and the mountain air was the perfect way to reconnect with ourselves. We left feeling refreshed, inspired, and appreciative of all the beauty this world has to offer.


Follow Heather and Martin on their journeys at @OurKindLife

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