On any given weekend in your surrounding communities you’ll find people that choose to take this valuable free time from work and donate it to people in need, environmental clean-up, or coaching children in multiple sports.  Whether it’s a group of people picking up trash on your local beach to the dads doing their best to get 6-year-old soccer players to kick the ball in the right direction, these selfless commitments to better our society are essential for the betterment of this great planet.  Over the past few years, there has been an increase in hours contributed by Americans after hitting a record low in 2015.  This is hopefully a good sign that our younger generations understand the importance of giving their free time to create positive change in a time where our social and environmental limits are being challenged daily.


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In 2018 Americans volunteered nearly 6.9 billion hours, worth an estimated $167 billion in economic value – Report by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS)


When it comes to charitable contributions by corporations and individuals, Americans recently surpassed the $400 billion mark in donated money in a single year.  This massive investment to support natural disasters, local charities, churches, arts programs, and education are very important, but the volunteers who turn this money in to true acts of kindness is the life blood for bettering the world.  These large statistics show the economic impact of volunteering, but how do we put a dollar value on the face-to-face interactions by the people delivering food to the elderly by Meals on Wheels or the people from the Red Cross who will travel within 24hrs to an area devasted by fires to lend a helping hand to families who’ve lost everything.


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The beauty with volunteering is not only measured by the actual change being created by these special individuals, but we also need to look at the benefits received by the actual volunteer themselves.  When reading through multiple articles and studies on the benefits of being a volunteer, there are a handful of categories where most topics fall under:

1. Connects you with people
2. Good for the body and soul
3. Gain new skills and experiences
4. Provides fun and fulfillment to your life

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With technology continuously invading our lives and negativity crammed in to every news outlet, the importance of human connection and feeding our soul becomes harder on a daily basis.  The act of volunteering is one of the best ways to fill many of the social, spiritual, and experiential voids people seek out through other unhealthy outlets.  My young daughter came home from school one day excited to tell me how she learned the importance of filling up other people’s “emotional bucket” when they seemed to be a little empty.  We discussed how filling up other people’s bucket with acts of kindness in turn puts a little back in to our bucket, which makes selflessness so important. 


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At Hey Dude shoes we are committed to making comfortable shoes, while exploring eco-friendly fashion solutions that help our environment.  In addition to making these great shoes, we have many awesome employees that regularly give their personal time to support others through their local church, helping homeless individuals in need of resources, or coaching young kids in soccer multiple days a week.  As a brand we want to thank the millions of people that make volunteering an integral part of their daily activities, while receiving very little recognition along the way.  For those who haven’t done any volunteering yet, we recommend you take the time to fill up somebodies’ bucket that is a little empty, so you can get a little bit back in to your bucket. 

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  • Ross masterson says...

    Awesome shoes dudes !

    On August 01, 2019
  • Lauren says...

    I love all of this! Go out and fill someone’s bucket today!!

    On August 01, 2019

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