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Steve Stifler the Obnoxious yet Loyal Friend

The hilarious American Pie franchise films created a self-declared womanizer in the movies, Steve Stifler aka The Steifmeister. Love him or hate him, this dude is awesome. I just love his messed up personality. In fact, the kind of person you wish to be friends or foes with. If you are a friend, he will definitely bail you out and if you are foes, be assured that he will not forget it. Flinch knows that through experience. His friends/antagonists are Jim, Flinch, Kevin and Oz. He makes life miserable for his friends, but they remain friends. They actually have a love-hate relationship. He is adventurous and fun to be around. He makes life spicy for everyone around him - sometimes a bit too spicy for some. Mostly, girls suffer the wrath of his ruthlessness. Stifler is a real buddy, the person you call when your life becomes plain and boring.


Obnoxious Steifmaster


Stifler character is mean; there is no arguing about that. He is mean to his friends, and he goes to any lengths to get his way. By his way, I mean getting laid. His life revolves around partying and girls. His bro, Matt, adores him because of this. His friends tolerate him because of the benefits associated with being around Stifler. You have endless supply of beer, and if you are lucky, girls too. He is mean to al his friends especially Jim. At some point, Stifler tells Jim to put his shirt one because he is scaring away the chicks. He is an expert at embarrassing his friends. This iconic character is someone you do not want to mess around with. It is safe if you value his friendship, no matter the cost.


The Oversexed Craze


The character played by Stifler portrays an oversexed craze whose main purpose of being alive is to chase girls. Everything that Stifler does centers around girls. He goes to an extent of pretending to be a porn director, to attract girls. Nevertheless, when you are in a tight spot, just bait him with the magical word ‘girls’ and he will do anything for you. Ultimately, the Stifler personality becomes hilarious because of this craze. Everything revolves around getting laid. That is what counts as far as Stifler is concerned.

Reliable and Loyal Stifler (This is a Surprise)


This is a surprising side of Stifler. Despite his being arrogant and obnoxious, Stifler is loyal. He is the kind of person who goes out of his way to make something right. He proves to be a valuable friend during Jim and Michelle’s wedding. This is a rare occurrence, Stifler going out of his way to make it right for Jim (although his eyes were on Michelle’s sister). The whole paradox is just funny. He gets his football team to deliver flowers on the wedding venue because he did not want to disappoint Jim (read Michelle’s sister, Cadence). He is the kind of pal you call when you are in deep shit, that you cannot figure your way out. He will come bail you out, without asking questions.

October 14, 2015

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Get that Sporty Look with Hey Dude

Comfortable footwear is often hard to find as fashion and comfort rarely mix but with Hey Dude shoes, you no longer have to sacrifice comfort for stylish footwear anymore. As a matter of fact, you now have plenty of reasons to pursue a more active lifestyle because you have the right footwear to use.


Comfortable Footwear for Fun Activities


If you are the type of person who is always on the lookout for fun things to do during your spare time then you’ll be glad to know that you can enjoy all kinds of activities without having to worry about your footwear now that Hey Dude shoes have the best selection of comfortable footwear perfect for any activity that you may have in mind.


Do you want to go hiking? Then you need a pair of shoes that can withstand the wear and tear of constant walking, climbing, and sliding against uneven terrain. Ordinary footwear may not be as comfortable as you would like plus there is a chance that you may slip and slide when the soles of your shoes are not made for traction. If you want to keep on hiking without worrying about getting into accidents then invest on fashionable comfort with Hey Dude.


Is boating your favorite past time? Achieve that sporty look with a nice pair of Hey Dude shoes that are not only comfortable to wear but stylish too. Navigate up and down and along the sides of your boat with ease as Hey Dude shoes are designed with better traction at the bottom of the shoes for easier movement. You don’t want to go slipping into the water all of a sudden, do you?

Biking at the beach? Sounds like a lot of fun. Complete your beach outfit with a nice pair of sturdy Hey Dude shoes and see how easier it is to pedal with this comfortable footwear. Mix and match your outfit with breathable canvas shoes that come in stylish designs and get to enjoy your day in the beach in perfect comfort.


Fashionable Comfort in Footwear


It’s not really surprising that many sacrifice comfort when it comes to footwear because they want to remain stylish all the time. But this shouldn’t be so as Hey Dude comfortable footwear is here to give you that perfect fusion of fashion and comfort all rolled into one. Why deny your feet the comfort that they are due when you can enjoy stylish footwear while doing all your favorite casual sports?


If you are aiming for a sporty look as you bike, hike, skateboard, and the like, don’t look for other footwear anymore as Hey Dude shoes guarantee that you’ll find the perfect and comfortable footwear with them.

Dads, Fashion and Comfort – Putting Them All Together with Hey Dude


             To some of us, dad is probably the greatest hero that we could ever have in our life. No matter what your history teacher says about great people living in the past and present and their contribution to economics, literature and in government, no one still beats the awesomeness of your pop. They basically are our pride, as much as we are to them. Who would not think so? After all, they are the ones who have raised you to become as cool as you are right now. With this, it is only right to give them something that screams comfort and style on the special day that is meant for them.

By special day, we mean Father’s Day. The occasion is a very important one, in the sense that this is the only time that we get to spend all the waking hours of the day honoring our dads (in case you don't already do this every so often). During this occasion, it would seem pretty customary for the common dad to receive the usual Father’s Day gifts. Examples of these are neck ties, socks and, for goodness sakes, mugs! Truth be told, not every man wants to receive ‘The World’s Best Dad’ mugs year after year unless it's from his small child. If you want to give something that will make your dad a proud father to a son or daughter who has an impeccable taste in fashion and comfort, then you probably need to buy a pair of Hey Dude's comfortable shoes.

About Hey Dude Shoes

The Spring and Summer collections at Hey Dude Shoes offer never before seen styles that are perfectly suitable as a gift for your ol' man. You'll find styles boasting of a laid back yet classy vibe, as exuded by the hip designs. Our styles also guarantee optimum comfort as their insoles make sure that you can move about with ease and comfort: Each has a perfect mixture of rubber and ethylene vinyl acetate, which makes ay pair light and flexible, while a perforated pig skin top layer provides protection and proper breathing allowance for the soles of your feet. These features basically make Hey Dude the producer of the lightest, most comfortable versions of traditional styles.

In picking the right shoes for dudes, your dad included, it is important to put in mind their taste in fashion. Do not just settle with giving him gifts that will only force him to say nice things about your generosity. Make him fall for your presents! You can definitely do this by giving him a pair of shoes that not only provides functionality, but fashionable comfort as well.


Photo courtesy of Edward Worden, Marketing Designer at Lever Your Business Inc.

How to attend this Year’s Top Five Music Festivals in Style

How to attend this Year’s Top Five Music Festivals in Style

If you are a dude in California, then the summer brings with it some great opportunities to attend the country’s most popular festivals in music and entertainment, with style. Below we will look at the top five most popular events you should plan on attending wearing the most stylish shoes for dudes.  Many of the new styles available now and to come from Hey Dude Shoes are designed with certain occasions in mind, and we have some ideas of which styles could be perfect for the activities of these festivals in particular.  These are annual festivals that have been held for years and boast attendance in the hundreds of thousands, so if you missed one this year, have no fear - just get ready to buy your tickets for next year!



This is arguably one of the most popular festivals in the country, held in Indio California. It brings together a generous collection of both famous music acts as well as some relatively unknown performers. There is hardly a dull moment during this festival with three different stages all featuring performances simultaneously.

To ensure that you can keep up with the activity and excitement while still living the laid back California lifestyle, you can choose the Farly Denim Blue shoe. It comes with a stylishly designed upper and a contrasting sole. It also features a super light sole guaranteeing maximum comfort at all times.  Since Coachella is a 6 day event, spanning 2 weekends, comfort is essential.  And since the Denim Blue style is new to this season, it has a current look and understated sophistication like that of a chambray shirt - a crucial element when it comes to looking sharp, considering much the attendees are some of Los Angeles' most fashionable event-goers.



Austin City Limits

This is the most popular when it comes to all Indy music festivals, held in Texas. It brings together a huge collection of popular Indie music bands, including those that have been active for generations - and some that have been inactive for years.

Perhaps the best shoe for this festival is the Vinci Navy Coral. A shoe designed to go well with both jeans and shorts, and has the sharp-toed accent that fits the Indie aesthetic known across the decades.  This shoe guarantees comfort no matter how you choose to make the journey to the South.




This is another one of the biggest festivals in the country. It is held in Manchester, Tennessee from June 9th-12th. It promises a great dose of music suited to a variety of fans and not just the hardcore fanatics. Attending in style is a must, and the Wally Incas Red is a great option for dudes into comfortable fashion.  It has a free-formed aesthetic and a funky sole, guaranteed to show off your dedication to the alternative vibe that the festival promotes.





This is deemed to have been where it all started. One of the earliest festivals bringing together music fans and some of the most popular acts together in a three-day musical treat, which never seems to cease.

For all the dudes planning to attend this musical overdose, then the Forli Stretch Beige shoe is a must carry. It is light and designed for maximum comfort, with a stylish moccasin look.  It would be an appropriate tribute to the lifestyle and music that the first Woodstock represented - only, in this case, you would most likely be much more comfortable than our parents would have been. 




This is perhaps the biggest festival in this collection. Taking place August 5th-7th, it brings together a huge list of big names in music as well as some lesser known acts all for the enjoyment of music lovers. To ensure you attend in style, we propose wearing the Vinci Charcoal/Neon Green. This alternative to heavy dress shoes is only 6oz in weight and highly comfortable.  It also brings the classically sharp Oxford style into the new millennium with hyper-color accents meant to leave subtlety in the dust (literally!) 

Photo: flickr (via Lollapalooza)

Hey Dude in the Jungle

Lately we've had quite a few awesome dudes sending us photos of their trips around the globe to show off how they celebrate comfort and style in various terrain and weather conditions.  One such dude, photographer Chris Hannant, has taken some of our Farly Blue Denims on a trip to Costa Rica with some good friends to put Hey Dude's mission to the test. Amidst the jungle, beach, surf, rocks, and falls, he captured images of Hey Dude Shoes in their most perfect form.

When it's time to reward your feet after a hard-working day of adventure, stay protected and comfortable with the lightest shoes on the market.

We thank Chris for his excellent work and spirit of adventure with our exceptional shoes.  We are always happy to share the appreciation for comfort and style with fellow humans, and we encourage all to join us in celebrating Hey Dude Shoes around the world.
You can find Chris’ work at and be sure to follow his Instagram,  @channant for inspiring adventures and breathtaking imagery.  Stay connected with Hey Dude and our friends to see where go and what we do next.  There’s always plenty more to see from Hey Dude!

Follow Hey Dude Around the World

     In a blog post earlier this year, we introduced a good friend of Hey Dude Shoes and world-traveler, Ryan Riley.  Ryan has made a life trekking the globe from South Africa to Yosemite, across the United States, and beyond.  His travels have seen him hiking rocky hillside trails, bungee-jumping into ravines, and hitting the best surf spots along the way.  It's no question, after a day of these kinds of adventures a good relaxing moment to reflect is necessary.  It only makes sense that along with his camera and canteen he brought the lightest, most comfortable shoes on the market for those victory dances at the top of the mountain (or maybe even just a victory sit).  We caught up with Ryan so he could share some images of his most recent Hey Dude experiences.

Two weeks ago, Ryan shared the map of his latest road trip across the US on Instagram:

We love to see Hey Dude put to the task and Ryan definitely has been showing off his Wallys!

Zion National Park, Utah

Arches National Park, Utah

You can follow Ryan at @ryanoriley1 on Instagram, and he has a blog of his travels and experiences at

Stay tuned into Hey Dude Shoes to see where we go with Ryan next!

Hey Dudes, It’s Spring Again: 5 Things to Enjoy in California

Hey dudes, it’s Spring again. The flowers are in bloom, the bushes are lush, and the trees are ever growing. The season is so inviting, and it calls for a one-of-a-kind adventure—the Californian way. California is a home to different attractions and activities that are active and healthy, yet relaxing and comfortable. From swimming to mountain climbing, you get to begin to enjoy every bit of California during this season. So, backpacks ready! Put on your best shoes, for here are great activities you can do to enjoy springs and summers in the Golden State:  

 The Beach: Play Frisbee along the coastline of San Diego while enjoying the summer heat. Take a plunge in the waters of Santa Monica. Enjoy long walks at Long Beach. There are a lot of summer activities you can do in California beaches, which can end in relaxing to the sunset and taking a much-need load off.  

 Cultural walk through: Prepare your feet for a tiring yet knowledge-enhancing walk in different cultural parks and museums around the state. Balboa Park in San Diego, for instance, is worth visiting as it is the largest urban cultural park in the United States. The walkthrough will open you to different Spanish Colonial-Revival architecture and magnificent gardens. The state also houses amazing museums ranging from Historical to art and Entertainment. Your walk is worth the beautiful memories and the excitement you will get when you visit these places.

 Hiking: If there is one best thing to do during spring, it would be hiking up the beautiful and rich mountains of the state and sitting on the edge of the cliff, hanging your feet off for an adventurous selfie. Flowers are blooming, and the rich diversity of the mountain is very visible during this season. Relax with the sceneries of green and the majestic cityscape once you already reach the top.  

 Fairs: Summer and spring are seasons of fairs and celebrations. A walk through different food kiosks while enjoying different parades will keep you excited in this amazing state. You dance all you want across Fifth Avenue during The Hillcrest Cityfest Street fair or get hyped with the annual California Mid-state Fair.

 Celebrity Spotting: This might sound creepy but for fans who just want to spot celebrities, and follow them like true paparazzi, California is the place to go. Los Angeles is a home to different Hollywood celebrities, and there are a lot of guides on the internet you can find for where to spot your favorite actors and musicians. So get your lenses ready as well as your comfortable shoes. You definitely need the latter for your ninja moves, dude.

 Going through all these activities with all the walking, you need shoes that fit the Californian lifestyle. Hey Dude shoes are for active and healthy individuals who seek comfort and relaxation. Reward yourself with the best pair of Hey Dude for your exciting downtime activities. Enjoy the fun getaways without sacrificing your soles and ankles. Get Hey Dude now.

 And yes, Hey Dude Shoes look good for a compulsory travel feet selfie!

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