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5 Easy Roadtrips You Can Take Before the Summer Ends

     Summer is coming to a close and the days are drawing in, but it’s not too late to squeeze in a last minute summer vacation adventure before the leaves start to fall. Pack a bag, fuel up the car and put on some comfortable shoes, here are five great summer end getaway ideas.

  1. Take a road trip, grab a couple of your best mates, your tunes and your sense of adventure. Either head somewhere you’ve always meant to go, but never got around to, or close your eyes and stick a pin in a map. No matter what, the journey is where the fun is at. Stop anywhere that looks interesting, breweries, golf courses, or attractions. Be flexible and see where the trip takes you.
  2. Rough it out in a tent for the weekend, there’s nothing quite like hanging out in nature, eating s’mores and drinking beer. Pro-tip, pick a spot near the beach or by a lake for a last of the season swim.
  3. Attend a festival or concert in another state, make a trip out of it by looking for other things to do in the area as well.
  4. Go rock climbing or tramping in a national park, make the most of warm adventure weather and flex your muscle in a scenic spot.
  5. Arrange a trip on a mate’s boat, or hire one with your friends. The sun and sea always make a good summer experience. Fry up your catch and have a BBQ back at your hotel at the end of the day. Make it a weekend excursion for maximum relaxation.

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Daniele Guidi
Daniele Guidi