Winter Styles for Dudes

December 03, 2014

     Hey Dude shoes have been beloved by people who crave comfortable style for years, with many lured in by their soft, breathable summer styles. Perhaps you’re a convert yourself?

As the winter tightens its grip over the country, there’s no need for you to give up the lightweight freedom of Hey Dude feet, The collection has expanded with some great cold weather options, still with all the comfort that has made Hey Dude popular, so you can have happy feet all year round.

Winter is such a drag, getting up in the cold dark of the morning to get trussed up in layers and layers of clothing, walking out the door bundled up in gear that looks cumbersome and unattractive. The last thing in the world you need is footwear that is uncomfortable and heavy, or worse yet, footwear that isn’t cut out for the conditions leaving your feet soggy and cold.

Finding shoes that can handle the weather while looking good and don’t make you want to kick them off immediately has been a bit of a trial in the past, many people simply buy any winter boot and put up with them all season. How many times have we all invested in what we thought was a good quality boot, just to curse them everyday after a painful or wet journey to work. Thankfully those days are over; you don’t have to walk through the winter unhappy.

Experience durable all weather comfort with Hey Dude styles ‘Abetone’ and ‘Potenza’. Ankle cut boots in great looking weather resistant durable materials, teamed up with a thick ridged grip sole perfect for navigating the hazards that winter brings. Perfect for the winter, you’ll find yourself reaching for these boots well into the spring months. Due to their lightweight flexible design, they are fit for warmer seasons too.

The team at HeyDude knows what makes a happy customer, see for yourself why so many people rave about their shoes and come back time and time again. With so many great styles, and more on the way, you’ll be sure to find the comfortable shoe of your dreams, for all seasons.

Don’t waste your time with an inferior shoe that is not up to the job. Whatever the weather, Hey Dude has many styles for many conditions- you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and good looks for practicality anymore.

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