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Hey Dude's Guide to Surviving the Holidays (i.e. How to be a Holi-dude)

Who doesn’t love this time of the year? Parties, food, beer, football and all the good things in life converge for the holiday season. It’s also a busy time; the last thing you need is to be worried about your shoes and whether they’ll stand up to all the activity. Hey Dude is your one stop shop for appropriate footwear this season, boots to take you from game day to a work holiday party plus all the bits in between so you can get back to what’s important.
Having fun.

  • Maybe you’re a barefoot kind of guy, and despise the heavy dress shoes your partner wants you to wear to her parents’ formal dinner. You can stop her in her tracks by wearing a pair of Hey Dude shoes. Not only do they look great and will stand up to mom-in-law’s scrutiny, but they are the lightest footwear available, so you can experience the freedom of comfort, while looking good too. This will free you up to dodge all the questions about your intentions and when you’re getting married.
  • You’ve got a tailgate party to go to but the weather’s looking a bit dodgy. A little bit of rain won’t stop you from having a great time but you really hate slipping about on the tarmac. Try Hey Dude’s new range of boots which feature a thick grippy sole, perfect for winter weather. Now you can laugh and point when Dave slips and stacks it on the ground, spilling his beer on himself, safe in the knowledge that it isn’t going to be you next.
  • It’s a Sunday, you’re just hanging around at home relaxing but the thermostat is on the fritz and it’s a bit cold inside, you want to cover your feet but never really feel relaxed when you have your shoes on. Hey Dude shoes are the lightest shoe on the market, it’s the closest you can get to barefoot Sunday comfort while still protecting and warming your feet
  • The Holiday work party is on and things are starting to get a little crazy, Jessica the intern has holed up in the photocopy room with Tim from accounting, the liquor is flowing and people are kicking off their shoes to dance. Your about to take off yours when you suddenly remember with dread that you’ve neglected to put in your odor-eater insoles this morning and are too embarrassed remove your shoes. If you were wearing Hey Dude shoes you’d have no worries at all! These comfortable shoes are so lightweight and flexible you could dance all night wearing them
    with ease.
  • Things at the family holiday visit have gotten a little strained since Uncle Bob went on a loud unwanted rant against state policy. You take the opportunity to escape and take the dog for a walk, You’ve got to get out of the house fast before someone throws a turkey leg across the table at him so you head straight out the door not stopping to change your shoes. No worries there as Hey Dude shoes are as durable as they are lightweight – excellent for quick getaways!

Hey Dude shoes are your best friends this upcoming holiday season, see all the great styles available at

Daniele Guidi
Daniele Guidi