Hey Dudes, It’s Spring Again: 5 Things to Enjoy in California

March 11, 2015

Hey dudes, it’s Spring again. The flowers are in bloom, the bushes are lush, and the trees are ever growing. The season is so inviting, and it calls for a one-of-a-kind adventure—the Californian way. California is a home to different attractions and activities that are active and healthy, yet relaxing and comfortable. From swimming to mountain climbing, you get to begin to enjoy every bit of California during this season. So, backpacks ready! Put on your best shoes, for here are great activities you can do to enjoy springs and summers in the Golden State:  

 The Beach: Play Frisbee along the coastline of San Diego while enjoying the summer heat. Take a plunge in the waters of Santa Monica. Enjoy long walks at Long Beach. There are a lot of summer activities you can do in California beaches, which can end in relaxing to the sunset and taking a much-need load off.  

 Cultural walk through: Prepare your feet for a tiring yet knowledge-enhancing walk in different cultural parks and museums around the state. Balboa Park in San Diego, for instance, is worth visiting as it is the largest urban cultural park in the United States. The walkthrough will open you to different Spanish Colonial-Revival architecture and magnificent gardens. The state also houses amazing museums ranging from Historical to art and Entertainment. Your walk is worth the beautiful memories and the excitement you will get when you visit these places.

 Hiking: If there is one best thing to do during spring, it would be hiking up the beautiful and rich mountains of the state and sitting on the edge of the cliff, hanging your feet off for an adventurous selfie. Flowers are blooming, and the rich diversity of the mountain is very visible during this season. Relax with the sceneries of green and the majestic cityscape once you already reach the top.  

 Fairs: Summer and spring are seasons of fairs and celebrations. A walk through different food kiosks while enjoying different parades will keep you excited in this amazing state. You dance all you want across Fifth Avenue during The Hillcrest Cityfest Street fair or get hyped with the annual California Mid-state Fair.

 Celebrity Spotting: This might sound creepy but for fans who just want to spot celebrities, and follow them like true paparazzi, California is the place to go. Los Angeles is a home to different Hollywood celebrities, and there are a lot of guides on the internet you can find for where to spot your favorite actors and musicians. So get your lenses ready as well as your comfortable shoes. You definitely need the latter for your ninja moves, dude.

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