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Dads, Fashion and Comfort – Putting Them All Together with Hey Dude


             To some of us, dad is probably the greatest hero that we could ever have in our life. No matter what your history teacher says about great people living in the past and present and their contribution to economics, literature and in government, no one still beats the awesomeness of your pop. They basically are our pride, as much as we are to them. Who would not think so? After all, they are the ones who have raised you to become as cool as you are right now. With this, it is only right to give them something that screams comfort and style on the special day that is meant for them.

By special day, we mean Father’s Day. The occasion is a very important one, in the sense that this is the only time that we get to spend all the waking hours of the day honoring our dads (in case you don't already do this every so often). During this occasion, it would seem pretty customary for the common dad to receive the usual Father’s Day gifts. Examples of these are neck ties, socks and, for goodness sakes, mugs! Truth be told, not every man wants to receive ‘The World’s Best Dad’ mugs year after year unless it's from his small child. If you want to give something that will make your dad a proud father to a son or daughter who has an impeccable taste in fashion and comfort, then you probably need to buy a pair of Hey Dude's comfortable shoes.

About Hey Dude Shoes

The Spring and Summer collections at Hey Dude Shoes offer never before seen styles that are perfectly suitable as a gift for your ol' man. You'll find styles boasting of a laid back yet classy vibe, as exuded by the hip designs. Our styles also guarantee optimum comfort as their insoles make sure that you can move about with ease and comfort: Each has a perfect mixture of rubber and ethylene vinyl acetate, which makes ay pair light and flexible, while a perforated pig skin top layer provides protection and proper breathing allowance for the soles of your feet. These features basically make Hey Dude the producer of the lightest, most comfortable versions of traditional styles.

In picking the right shoes for dudes, your dad included, it is important to put in mind their taste in fashion. Do not just settle with giving him gifts that will only force him to say nice things about your generosity. Make him fall for your presents! You can definitely do this by giving him a pair of shoes that not only provides functionality, but fashionable comfort as well.


Photo courtesy of Edward Worden, Marketing Designer at Lever Your Business Inc.

Daniele Guidi
Daniele Guidi