How to attend this Year’s Top Five Music Festivals in Style

June 10, 2015

How to attend this Year’s Top Five Music Festivals in Style

If you are a dude in California, then the summer brings with it some great opportunities to attend the country’s most popular festivals in music and entertainment, with style. Below we will look at the top five most popular events you should plan on attending wearing the most stylish shoes for dudes.  Many of the new styles available now and to come from Hey Dude Shoes are designed with certain occasions in mind, and we have some ideas of which styles could be perfect for the activities of these festivals in particular.  These are annual festivals that have been held for years and boast attendance in the hundreds of thousands, so if you missed one this year, have no fear - just get ready to buy your tickets for next year!



This is arguably one of the most popular festivals in the country, held in Indio California. It brings together a generous collection of both famous music acts as well as some relatively unknown performers. There is hardly a dull moment during this festival with three different stages all featuring performances simultaneously.

To ensure that you can keep up with the activity and excitement while still living the laid back California lifestyle, you can choose the Farly Denim Blue shoe. It comes with a stylishly designed upper and a contrasting sole. It also features a super light sole guaranteeing maximum comfort at all times.  Since Coachella is a 6 day event, spanning 2 weekends, comfort is essential.  And since the Denim Blue style is new to this season, it has a current look and understated sophistication like that of a chambray shirt - a crucial element when it comes to looking sharp, considering much the attendees are some of Los Angeles' most fashionable event-goers.



Austin City Limits

This is the most popular when it comes to all Indy music festivals, held in Texas. It brings together a huge collection of popular Indie music bands, including those that have been active for generations - and some that have been inactive for years.

Perhaps the best shoe for this festival is the Vinci Navy Coral. A shoe designed to go well with both jeans and shorts, and has the sharp-toed accent that fits the Indie aesthetic known across the decades.  This shoe guarantees comfort no matter how you choose to make the journey to the South.




This is another one of the biggest festivals in the country. It is held in Manchester, Tennessee from June 9th-12th. It promises a great dose of music suited to a variety of fans and not just the hardcore fanatics. Attending in style is a must, and the Wally Incas Red is a great option for dudes into comfortable fashion.  It has a free-formed aesthetic and a funky sole, guaranteed to show off your dedication to the alternative vibe that the festival promotes.





This is deemed to have been where it all started. One of the earliest festivals bringing together music fans and some of the most popular acts together in a three-day musical treat, which never seems to cease.

For all the dudes planning to attend this musical overdose, then the Forli Stretch Beige shoe is a must carry. It is light and designed for maximum comfort, with a stylish moccasin look.  It would be an appropriate tribute to the lifestyle and music that the first Woodstock represented - only, in this case, you would most likely be much more comfortable than our parents would have been. 




This is perhaps the biggest festival in this collection. Taking place August 5th-7th, it brings together a huge list of big names in music as well as some lesser known acts all for the enjoyment of music lovers. To ensure you attend in style, we propose wearing the Vinci Charcoal/Neon Green. This alternative to heavy dress shoes is only 6oz in weight and highly comfortable.  It also brings the classically sharp Oxford style into the new millennium with hyper-color accents meant to leave subtlety in the dust (literally!) 

Photo: flickr (via Lollapalooza)

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