Steve Stifler the Obnoxious yet Loyal Friend

October 21, 2015

The hilarious American Pie franchise films created a self-declared womanizer in the movies, Steve Stifler aka The Steifmeister. Love him or hate him, this dude is awesome. I just love his messed up personality. In fact, the kind of person you wish to be friends or foes with. If you are a friend, he will definitely bail you out and if you are foes, be assured that he will not forget it. Flinch knows that through experience. His friends/antagonists are Jim, Flinch, Kevin and Oz. He makes life miserable for his friends, but they remain friends. They actually have a love-hate relationship. He is adventurous and fun to be around. He makes life spicy for everyone around him - sometimes a bit too spicy for some. Mostly, girls suffer the wrath of his ruthlessness. Stifler is a real buddy, the person you call when your life becomes plain and boring.


Obnoxious Steifmaster


Stifler character is mean; there is no arguing about that. He is mean to his friends, and he goes to any lengths to get his way. By his way, I mean getting laid. His life revolves around partying and girls. His bro, Matt, adores him because of this. His friends tolerate him because of the benefits associated with being around Stifler. You have endless supply of beer, and if you are lucky, girls too. He is mean to al his friends especially Jim. At some point, Stifler tells Jim to put his shirt one because he is scaring away the chicks. He is an expert at embarrassing his friends. This iconic character is someone you do not want to mess around with. It is safe if you value his friendship, no matter the cost.


The Oversexed Craze


The character played by Stifler portrays an oversexed craze whose main purpose of being alive is to chase girls. Everything that Stifler does centers around girls. He goes to an extent of pretending to be a porn director, to attract girls. Nevertheless, when you are in a tight spot, just bait him with the magical word ‘girls’ and he will do anything for you. Ultimately, the Stifler personality becomes hilarious because of this craze. Everything revolves around getting laid. That is what counts as far as Stifler is concerned.

Reliable and Loyal Stifler (This is a Surprise)


This is a surprising side of Stifler. Despite his being arrogant and obnoxious, Stifler is loyal. He is the kind of person who goes out of his way to make something right. He proves to be a valuable friend during Jim and Michelle’s wedding. This is a rare occurrence, Stifler going out of his way to make it right for Jim (although his eyes were on Michelle’s sister). The whole paradox is just funny. He gets his football team to deliver flowers on the wedding venue because he did not want to disappoint Jim (read Michelle’s sister, Cadence). He is the kind of pal you call when you are in deep shit, that you cannot figure your way out. He will come bail you out, without asking questions.

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