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A few months ago, Hey Dude posted a story on our Good News platform called “Cornstarch Products a Good Replacement for Plastic?” where we highlighted the importance of switching our shipping polybags and display hangers from plastic to cornstarch.  With the continued plastic trash epidemic filling up our oceans and landfills, this is definitely a great step in the right direction to create items from biodegradable material.  As a brand we continue to explore new ways to find more eco-friendly solutions that fit in our overall business, but when doing a deeper dive in to the challenges, we believe there is so much more our amazing customers can do with just a simple act. 

hanger display

Every month, Hey Dude ships out thousands of our cornstarch hangers to our retail partners across the country for shoes to look great in displays while waiting to go home with a new satisfied customer.  Once the perfect shoe is selected and taken to checkout, in most cases the hanger is included in the purchase and leaves the store with our comfortable shoes.  Although our cornstarch hangers are biodegradable and better than the plastic alternatives, it still will take many years in our landfills before they’ve completed the decomposing process.  Our consumers are now in a powerful position to strengthen Hey Dude’s efforts to limit excess retail waste by making the simple decision to leave the hanger behind with the retail store to reuse for the next lucky customer interested in purchasing our shoes. 

 hanger process

On the surface, the idea of reusing a display hanger may seem too simple and not an action that could create that much change, but many comfortable shoe and sandal companies use these same display hangers to make it easier for retail locations to best display for customers to quickly pick their desired style.  This simple, yet forward thinking decision to leave these display hangers behind could drastically reduce some unneeded waste created in the retail space.


In the last few years, hundreds of companies have made significant changes in their packaging and display materials with a focus on recyclable or biodegradable materials as the foundation for change.  As environmental awareness and the climate change debate continues to grow socially and politically, it is important for these companies to continue searching for other eco-friendly solutions that reduce waste while providing consumers with the products they want.

eco planning 

As these major brands all around the world make this philosophical and financial investment in becoming more sustainable, it is also on us as consumers to make changes that contribute to these massive efforts.  Our ask for consumers to leave behind the cornstarch display hangers at retail is just one example of countless other ways we as shoppers can contribute to reducing the estimated 230 million tons of waste produced annually in the U.S. alone.  It is our collective responsibility to make best efforts to leave behind a better planet to our next generation, so starting with leaving behind hangers should seem like a no brainer. 

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  • Jeffrey says...

    Awesome job awesome shoes. Keep it up.

    On July 22, 2019

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